Restaurant Day Amsterdam #2: best food for winter

When in Amsterdam...Restaurant Day is starting to take hold. 15 pop-up restaurants set up throughout Amsterdam for the city's second time to participate in the international quarterly food festival.

Restaurant Day started in Helsinki, Finland in May 2011. The concept is to eat together and meet new people. Cooking enthusiasts are encouraged to set up a pop up restaurant at any location and share their passion for food. The limitation is their imagination.

Restaurant Day started with 45 restaurants across 13 cities in 2011. Restaurants have now popped up in an estimated 35 countries and over 130 cities globally.

The second time in Amsterdam, Restaurant Day was held on a wonderfully fine winter's Sunday. We looked at the website and picked a place for a late lunch before watching the Ajax Amsterdam football game. The Trans-Eurasian Journey caught our eye. Situated in the picturesque Jordaan neighborhood in central Amsterdam it promised Italian and Thai food. Amsterdam is known for its diversity so the combination was intriguing

Restaurant Day Amsterdsam: Gnocchi Ragu

We meet a friend on his traditional dutch town bike, though very very noisy and ventured on our afternoon culinary world tour. We were surprisingly greeted by our hosts at the door of their small Amsterdam apartment. We were their first customers of the day.

Restaurant Day Amsterdam: Thai stir fry

The menu was simple, pasta or Thai street stir-fry. We went for one of each and a round of beers. The food was simple but well cooked. The ragu, gnocchi was cooked by a native of Bologna we need not say more. From slow cooking to the fast wok. A debate about the Dutch 'spicy' scale ensued. The Thai stir fry was a great match  for the beer. Both meals were just what were needed for a Sunday afternoon. Our hosts were not professional cooks but knew their dishes well. They had a passion for food and adventure

The Trans-Eurasian chefs for a day.

Amsterdam is a small capital city. We enjoyed the experience as we walked away we soon came upon friends. They had never heard of the event so we pointed them in the direction of the one day only pop up restaurant, The Trans-Eurasian Journey. To top things off the the local football team Ajax won. A perfect Sunday. Thank you to our hosts and the Restaurant Day team. See you in three months Restaurant Day.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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A real King of Amsterdam: Cruijff

When in Amsterdam...this city makes the King or Queen. Talk has recently turned to the abdication of Queen Beatrix. Amsterdam has always been a republican city state of the Netherlands. Throughout history the city has only supported Kings and Queens when it is in Amsterdam's best interest.

Johan's number has been retired by Ajax Amsterdam

The Amsterdam museum is currently holding an exhibition on Johan Cruijff, a real King of Amsterdam.  Born and breed in Amsterdam the exhibition looks at how Amsterdammers and Netherlanders see Cruijff their football idol.Cruiff was a footballer and his name is in the same category as Pele and  Maradonna.

Ballon d'Or

Cruijff won 3 European Footballer of the year awards (Ballon d'Or) and was voted best European footballer of the century in 1999. Cruijff was voted second to Pele as best footballer of the century.

"Joan en Ik." is a simple one room exhibition that shows Johan's acceptance of his role as an idol. Always willing to stop for an autograph or photo the exhibition shares anicdotes from his career and fans. The exhibition is a worthy accompanyment to the regular Amsterdam city history that the museum displays. You also get your own chance to get a photo with a King of Amsterdam.

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