Amsterdam Lion Attack

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When in Amsterdam remember the Lion is the national symbol. Recently a Dutch family was touring the Amsterdam Zoo, the Artis. With family camcorder in hand and in front of the Lion pavilion they viewed the hunter instinct of the King of the Jungle.

                                                                     warning: violence

The Netherlands is a delta country at the end of three of Europe's big rivers, the Rhine, the Meuse and the Scheldt. The Dutch landscape is a paradise for birds. Migratory birds spend their winter in Africa and then breed in the woods of the Netherlands with the bountiful number of insects in the wetlands.

Zoo staff say that Lion's killing birds happens a lot because their are so many birds in the Netherlands(AT5). The below youtube clip is from 2008 when another bird was taken by Amsterdam's lion pride and filmed.

Amsterdam Zoo is the 6th oldest in Europe opening in 1838. It was nick-named Noah's Arc as it had hundreds of species on a small amount of land. This sounds tormenting now but in the 1800's this was a sceptical.

In other Amsterdam zoo related news staff announced a gorilla was born over the weekend.

When in Amsterdam....enjoy!

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