How many cars and bicycles fall into Amsterdam canals?

When in careful when parking. This Fiat 500 was parked into the canal in Amsterdam's old city centre. The driver had borrowed the car from his mother. The person then asked a friend to park the car as he directed the new driver of his mother's car.

Amsterdam has a special division of the Fire Department to respond to vehicles that park in the 100 kilometres of Amsterdam canals. Amsterdam has 4 full time divers who are 24 hour standby, the only city in the country to have this capability.

Many canal tour operators claim that 1 car a week fall into the canals. They espuse this figure on their recorded messages that accompany many tours. That is 52 per year! The Fire Department reports the number is closer to 35 per year.


Amsterdam is a city famous for bicycles. Estimates are that there are more bicycles in Amsterdam than people. Officials figures are approximately 800 000. More optimistic figures are around 1 million.

 It is no wonder that 12 000 to 15 000 bicycles are pulled out of Amsterdam canals every year. Many of these bikes fall into the canals during common periods of gusty winds. Many bikes are also thrown into the canals by weekend party goers that take their fun to Amsterdammers boats.

Throughout Amsterdam history the canals of Amsterdam has provided endless beauty but also danger.

When in Amsterdam..enjoy!

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