Flower Thursday: Tulips and Daffodils from Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam....buy flowers. Amsterdam is famous for tulips and bulbs. There is even a song Tulips are from Amsterdam. The Keukenhof Gardens are about to open (22 March) and Floriade a once in 10 year flower event is in on in the south of the Netherlands, Venlo this year.

During Spring we are going to bring you Flower Thursday. This is a day to show one of the great things about living in Amsterdam, affordable flowers.

This week we thought we might start off with the famous tulip and the daffodil. Spring is here and the bulbs are popping up. At least the Netherlands does not have the Ground Hog and Mole problems that England and many eastern states of the US have, as When in Amsterdam learned on the tours this week.

If you are visiting Amsterdam for more than one day. Go to the nearest street market or the Floating Flower Market here in Amsterdam and put them in your hotel room. A wonderful thing to see when you wake up.

Tulips and Daffodils(we think)
The flowers we bought that are picture above cost €3.50. Less than a pint of beer,or a Starbucks coffee, or a packet of cigarettes.

When in Amsterdam...buy flowers and enjoy!

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