Holocaust Memorial Day 2013

When in Amsterdam....27 January is Holocaust Memorial Day. In 2005 then United Nations' Secretary General appointed 27 January a day of remembrance  The day remembers the liberation of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 1945. This day is a worldwide event and remembers those that suffered from genocide. Not just during the World War II but also in places such as Rawanda, Cambodia and Dafur.

In Amsterdam a remembrance ceremony will be held at the Broken Mirrors Monument in Wertheim Park. Before the ceremony a silent procession starts at Amsterdam City Hall at 11am. The ceremony at Wertheim Park begins at 11:30am.

Newly wed Jewish Amsterdammers who  died in the Holocaust
80,000 Jews lived in Amsterdam before Nazi occupation. By the end of WWII only 20% of the Jewish population survived. This was all due to Antisemitism and racism.

If you are unable to make the remembrance ceremony take a monument to think about those who have suffered from racial hatred. Think about how you can do your little bit to stop the emergence of racial hatred, Antisemitism and discrimination. Amsterdam is proudly Anti-discrimination. Without the many nationalities living in Amsterdam this city would not be celebrated Amsterdam of today.

When in Amsterdam....remember.

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