Street Photography in Amsterdam: William Klein Exhibition at Foam

When in Amsterdam....Foam photo museum is paradise for photographers. Presently, the entire museum is dedicated to a retrospective of William Klein the famous American-French photographer and filmmaker.

New York born, William Klein is considered one of the top 100 influential photographers of all time. He is famous for his ironic approach and unique photo techniques for photo journalism and fashion photography. He is also one of the Godfathers of Street Photography.

Photo: William Klein

The exhibition spans the entire three floors of Foam Museum. On entrance you are enter the black and whites of New York in the 1950s. This room balances the idolized American Dream with gritty images of New York streets.

By William Klein

The exhibition then flows in his work from Moscow, Rome and Japan. On the top floor there is a collage of his films that poke fun at the American and French ideals of freedom.  This mix of film clips brings the exhibition together. The personality of Klein ironic, crude and rude yet alive and personal.

By William Klein

The exhibition, William Klein, runs December 2, 2013 until March 12, 2014. For lovers of street photography and art in general this is insightful. The 1.5 hours of iconic 20th century photography is unlikely to be seen for sometime in Amsterdam. Take the opportunity if in Amsterdam.

By William Klein

*note* There is a 1.25 euro surcharge for Museum Card hollers.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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