Late Rembrandt: Rijksmuseum Exhibition

When in Amsterdam the Rijksmuseum is hosting its first Rembrandt exhibition in 20 years. Late Rembrandt is an exhibition of Rembrandt van Rijn's last twenty years of work.

Over 100 works of paintings, prints and drawings are presented in Late Rembrandt. Rembrandt's last years were marked by tradegy but the works he produced are considered the best of his career. At the age of 60 Rembrandt had become a widower, childless, bankrupt and out of favor in the eyes of Amsterdam's elite.

When in Amsterdam is familiar with Rembrandt. His dark colours, emotion and composition are unmistakable. This exhibition: Late Rembrandt, is striking. Rembrandt's works from this period hold greater emotion. His work is course with limited colour, experimental but with a Master's hand.

Our favorite paintings are Jacob Blessing the sons of Joshep 1965 and the The Jewish Bride. What is impressive is the curation of this exhibition and placing all of the works in one environment. A fantastic exhibition of a Master. A once in a life time opportunity to see all of these works in one place.

The King of the Netherlands opens the exhibition at the Rijksmuseum

The exhibition runs from February 12 to May 17 2015. You are required to by a supplement ticket that is day and time specific. This includes Museum card holders. Children under 18 although free are also required to have a ticket. Book online to avoid long lines.

Local Tip:
Visit the Rembrandt's House Museum the day before visiting this exhibition

Essential information about the Rijksmuseum before visiting.

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