Rayleigh and Ramsey Wine Bar and Restaurant

Rayleigh and Ramsey Amsterdam is a place for Physicists, Chemists and winos. 

A small wine bar located on the southern end of the Overtoom and a stone's throw from Vondel Park.

Guests can also enjoy Rayleigh and Ramsey's wine list from the comforts of their home as the establishment also sells wine online.

You can expect the crowd of the well healed establishment of the neighborhood that enjoy their wine. The list is relatively long for Amsterdam and choices by the glass extend far past the normal city option of red, white and rose. This is place like Bubbles and Wine, for winos.  

R&R operates a pass system so your quantities from 'just testing' to 'bucket loads' can be documented and billed with unerring accuracy.

The wine is the show piece of R&R. The food is attractive, tasty but not substantial. Appropriate and aromatic to be paired with vino.

The place is named after two British scientists who in the late 19th century discovered the first noble gases. 

Ramsey, a Scot, who received his Phd from a German institute was awarded the 1904 Nobel Prize in Chemistry "in recognition of his services in the discovery of the inert gaseous elements in air".

3rd Baron Rayleigh, an Essex man of British establishment is credited with a dimensionless number and the the Rayleigh Scattering. The later helps us understand why the sky is blue. The Baron was awarded the 1904 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work with Ramsey on finding the gas argon.

The large windows and outdoor seats at R&R allow you to oversee the busy Overtoom. This is always a highlight of the location.

By the way argon was named from the Greek word for lazy/inactive. 

Perhaps an appropriate name for a future venture?

Address: Zocherstraat 2, Amsterdam

Operating Times: Sun - Thu 12:00 - 01:00, Fri & Sat 12:00 - 03:00

Price: 3-course menu: € 25

Website: Rayleigh & Ramsey

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rayleighandramsay/

From their website:

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