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When in Amsterdam and it comes to music the Dutch surprise many. Today they are known for their DJs and electronic music. Over the last few years DJ Magazine Top 10 list has been dominated by Dutch names such as DJ Tiesto. The music is not limited to electronic. With Amsterdam as the center for culture and music many but not all of the artists listed started their careers in Amsterdam's music halls. Provided is a list for different tastes.

Enjoy the list of Dutch music and if you have any additions let us know.

A classic one hit wonder to start things.

Putting on the Ritz - Taco 1980s

One from the old colonies. Indonesian born and growing up in the Netherlands Taco's one hit wonder is hard to get out of your head.

If it's classic rock you want then Golden Earring is the most famous Dutch export.
Although not from Amsterdam but rather from the Hague, people are always amazed this group is Dutch. Formed in 1961 they are still going today. Their biggest hit was the rock classic Radar Love.

Maybe something harder? Also not from Amsterdam but they did a track called Amsterdam.

Van halen - Eddie and Alex are from Nijmegen

Not a rock lover but want to pop away your day? You won't be able to get this Dutch track out of your head.
Venga Boys formed in Amsterdam in 1997 and sold 15 million albums worldwide. One of the most influential Eurodance pop groups of the 20th century. 

Maybe some harder dutch pop with some Belgian producers. The Rapper, Ray Slijngaard, is born and breed Amsterdammer.

2 Unlimited

If rap is your thing Amsterdam has no shortage of rappers and budding MCs. 
Osdorp Posse
One of the first to start recording rap in Dutch. It's hard to get more Amsterdam than this group.

Are you a fan of Punk?
The Ex
Founded in 1979 and lasting 30 years the Ex pushed the punk music to the extremes developing post punk experimental music before disbanding in 2009.

Mr. Review
Formed in 1983 in Amsterdam this Ska revival band dissolved in 1998 but reformed three years later and is still ska-ing today. 

Happy Hardcore (Gabber)
Party Animals - hava naquila
Established in 1995 they were the first dutch group to see their first three hits go straight to number 1. Height of their success was in 2000 when their hit Atomic hit number one in Hong Kong of all places.

For all those pysodelic trance music lovers...
1200 micrograms
This is what happens when you combine an Australian, an American, Dutch and a lot of drugs.

Last but not least Amsterdam Folk.
Andre Hazes, known for his hard drinking and smoking lifestyle he is possibly the Elvis of the Netherlands and of course Amsterdammer.

When In Amsterdam....enjoy!

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