The Worst Hotel in the World Does It Again

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A traveller's worst nightmare on entering a hotel maybe finding filthy bedding, no heating, air conditioning or incessant noise. Almost everyone has had an experience where the room booked just didn't look like the pictures.  When in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this city takes this to a new level. The city of canals and bikes had four of the 2011 top ten dirtiest hotels in Europe as listed by Tripadvisor.

One hotel that did not make the list and pride's itself on being the world's worst hotel, yes you read it correctly is the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel. This small hotel located in the middle of the the city's famed Red Light District has turned the worst hotel in the world into their byline.

It maybe the Dutch straight forwardness or their brutal honesty but this hotel has been advertising that it is the Worst Hotel in the World for decades. So effective has the advertising campaign been that they made an entire book out of their approach.

The "Worst Hotel in the World" campaign was launched in the 1990s and was geared toward keeping complaints to a minimum. The campaign seems to have worked looking at the media coverage and the subsequent travellers' comments:

"Not as bad as I expected"
"Can't think of anything positive"
"Basic, cheap, does what is says on the Tin"
"You get what you pay for"
"So bad its great!"

Yesterday the Hans Brinker launched the latest episode in the Worst Hotel in the World campaign.

A blind cleaner details the benefits of the Hotel. Search Youtube for other Brinker classics or just check out their website for a laugh.

It is a shame that the World's Worst Hotel no longer makes the list of the world's worst. The power of advertising is finally revealed.

When in Amsterdam....enjoy.

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