Amsterdam's Cafe Batavia 1920 Beer of the Week: Maredsous Blonde

When in Amsterdam....drink a beer that is not pilsner. Happy Queen's Day Weekend everyone. Amsterdam  is set for a long weekend of celebration. Therefore we need a beer that is not to heavy, a beer that is different to earlier weeks. This week's beer is to help you enjoy the freshness and excitement of Spring and the Amsterdam party atmosphere.

With the help of Cafe Batavia 1920 the beer of the week is Maredsous Blonde 6 Ale.

This was the first beer to be produced by the Benedictine Abbey of Maredsous in Denee, Belgium. This Blonde 6 is now brewed by the well renowned Duvel Moortgat Brewery.

On pouring the Maredsous Blonde there was a large sticky head with wheat citrus aroma. The taste is a little tart to start with a dry finish. Citrus, spice, fruit and biscuit flavors burst through and disappear on the palate. The 6 stands for 6% alcohol. This 6 is an easy to drink blonde Belgium beer.

When in Amsterdam....enjoy Queen's Weekend!

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