Amsterdam Queen's Day 30 April 2012:

When in Amsterdam....enjoy Queen's Day or Koninginnedag (as it's called). The largest street party in the country is held on April 30th throughout the streets of Amsterdam. The annual festival of Orange is a national holiday in the Netherlands. It is a day to celebrate the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands. 30 April is actually the Queen's mother's birthday but Beatrix, the current Queen, has her birthday in January. Winter is not the time to have a party outside so April 30th is it.

Queens Night (the night before April 30)

The party begins the night before April 30. Many places, bars and clubs have special events for the evening. Many Amsterdammers enjoy Queen's Night with friends and family getting ready for the free market that is held the next day.

2012 Queen's Night will be different

This year Amsterdam's premiere football (soccer) team Ajax may turn national champion on Queen's night. This sernario has not occured in memory and is sure to complicate Queen's night and day celebrations. Regional football rivalry is known to out-weigh national affliction.

Prepare everything Orange

If you are visiting for 30 April bring an orange outfit. Amsterdam an historically republican city of the Netherlands goes Orange for a day. It is a day when the normally reserved Dutch let their hair down and kick up their heels, all in an orange fever.

Amsterdam's Largest Free Market

Not only in Amsterdam but all over the Netherlands Queen's Day provides the opportunity for all to test their inner capitalist and entrepreneur.The walkways of the county are covered with the largest flea or free market. This is the opportunity to get rid of old or new goods and get paid. Many with imagination create games or entertainment to raise funds for further party. Few take the money making seriously. On a day when most things are able to be sold, a fortune or at least a bargain can be found.

Amsterdam Street Dance Party

Each Amsterdam neighborhood will have music stages so that you can dance the evening away. Music will operate on the stages from 1200hrs until 2000hrs. Favorite spots are around Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein and Nieuwmarkt. If you haven't danced enough all of the night clubs will continue to 0300hrs or 0500hrs.

When in Amsterdam....enjoy!

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