Amsterdam's new garden at Droog Design: Biodiversity and Creativity

When in Amsterdam…visit Droog Design’s new garden. Droog Design is a Dutch conceptual design company situation in the heart of Amsterdam’s historical canal district.

Droog recently revamped their courtyard into a garden. Designers Corinne Julhiet Detroyat and Claude Pasquer were asked to create an environment that mixed natural and artificial materials. Detroyat and Pasquer took a creative sustainable approach recycling rustic materials such as wire mesh and old watering cans mixed with plants that encourage biodiversity.

The result is a weird wonderful hidden garden. The artificial materials create a fantasy feel. The climbing plants such as wisteria and bignonias bring you back to earth. Detroyat and Pasquer have used contrasting materials, sculpture and their artistic creation to form a natural world that is ascetically enticing yet questions the source of manufactures materials. The realization is that our earth is the source of all the materials in the garden and harmony of manufactured material and nature is possible in one environment.

When in Amsterdam…enjoy! 

Droog Design works with independent creative minds to realize products, projects and events.

O My Amsterdam Tours is a small group tour company that visits this garden on their Eco-Tour. Guests of the City Centre Tour, Photo Tour or a Private Bespoke Tour can request a visit to the garden, except on Mondays.

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