Golden Dragon: Beer of the Week at Amsterdam's Cafe Batavia 1920

When in Amsterdam....drink a Golden Dragon. May begins and temperatures have dropped. Sitting at the corner bar of Cafe Batavia 1920 Beer of the Week is a warming dark triple ale, Gulden Draak (Golden Dragon).

The smell of alcohol immediate is comforted with coffee aroma. The froth of the beer cappuccino. Not a drop drunk and already a coffee.

One sip and taste was full, lingered and finished bitter, refreshed, warm. The glass finished sweating and the beer developed softer subtle sweet and sour flavours.

What a beer! Relaxed and amazed by the Golden Dragon experience an introduction is made to the stranger next, "Haallo, What do you do when in Amsterdam?
Gulden Draak at Cafe Batavia 1920

Previous Beers of the Week:

- Maredsous Blonde
- Barbar
- Delirium Nocturnum

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