Flying Cat at Amsterdam Art Fair

When in Amsterdam...there is plenty of art even a flying cat. After 5 years absence the KunstRai returned to Amsterdam's premiere convention center RAI. The art fair specializes in modern art. This year 70 artists exhibited their work from 31 May to 3 June.

This year the most eye catching art was the cat helicopter. Dutch Artist Bart Jansen showed his 'Orvillecopter'. Bart had a cat Orville. Orville was hit by a car and died. Bart observed a period of mourning and then teamed up with a friend, Arjen Beltman. Arjen has a passion for flying helicopters. The collaboration resulted in Orville, now taxidermy cat with propellers attached to each of his paws.

Bart Jansen is an artist who does installations and 'meaningless machines'. His only criteria is that the art 'works'. The Cat Copter has attracted a range of response some see it as disturbing others as inventive. Jansen in a statement said that Orville loved chasing birds now the dream is realised after life 'to fly with the birds'

When in Amsterdam....enjoy!
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