Amsterdam Artist: Carl van Hees

When in Amsterdam...visit local artists. This blog highlights one of our favourites Carl van Hees. He recently opened his new studio in the historic centre of Amsterdam on the picturesque Groenburgwal. Carl specialises in fused glass.

Fused Glass Vessel by Carl van Hees

Carl van Hees graduated from Amsterdam's illustrious Rietveld Acadamy of Art. After studing fashion and illustration he turned his attention to fused glass. He was the assistent to one of the most famous Dutch glass artists Toots Zynsky.  Since those days he has been shown in expositions all over Europe and North America.

Glass Fusion Vessels by Carl van Hees

He uses the merging technique. Italian glass is heated, seperated and ground. The granules are mixed and built up in layers. Carl molds the glass to his liking. The result is a fascinating piece, shiny while granular and very tempting to touch. Our photos do not give justice to his work.

Carl van Hees: small fused glass vessels

You can see his work presently in Amsterdam two ways. Carl van Hees is part of the 25th Anniversary Exposition of the famous contemporary glass gallery in Amsterdam, Braggiotti Gallery. This exhibition runs until 9 November 2013. Otherwise, Carl's work can be viewed by appointment at his studio and gallery on Groenburgwal, in Amsterdam's old city centre. Details can be found at his

New Amsterdam Groenburgwal Gallery from Carl van Hess

When in Amsterdam...visit our local artists and enjoy!

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