Amsterdam Artists Open their studios.

When in Amsterdam...visit local artists. Each year Amsterdam Artists of the Nieuwmarkt neighborhood open their doors to show their new creations and workspace.

Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt 2013 - art by Carl van Hees
 (photo: Omy Amsterdam Tours)

64 artists participated this year in an event  that has run for 38 years. In an area of Amsterdam famous internationally for Rembrandt, this event 'Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt' remembers Amsterdam as a city of culture and locals.

The event began with the neighborhood riots of 1975. Government planned 'modernizing' the Nieuwmarkt area, introducting large roads and transport links. This would have resulted in the destruction of buildings and the local community. Many buildings were torn down and the metro link constructed but not the highway that was planned. Blue Monday in March 1975 on the Nieuwmarkt was part of a 20 year campaign by Amsterdam locals to keep the city liveable.

Artists stood with residents on the neighborhood's protest barricades. The protest's aim was for Amsterdam to be a liveable city. A city dominated by community and people not roads and cars. Through opening their doors the area's artists showed their commitment to their neighborhood.

Over the years artists have moved in an out of the neighborhood. However, each year in Autumn they open their doors to renew their commitment to this neighborhood and show their creations of beauty.

For more on Nieuwmarkt Artists visit the following link. For visitors to Amsterdam interested in viewing their work contact the organization or the artist directly and maybe they will open their doors especially for you.

We profile a few artists in the next few blogs but below is a youtube clip of the artists and their work.

When in Amsterdam....enjoy!

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