Arcade Japanese Style: TonTon Club in Amsterdam West

When in Amsterdam...arcades and games are popular. In Amsterdam's Westerpark (Western Park) you will find the second edition of the successful TonTon Club.

TonTon club Westergasfabriek

Established in 2013, the TonTon club was part of the revitalization of Amsterdam's Red Light District. The TonTon Club is an old fashioned 80s/90s American style arcade made new. The concept of old computer games, board games, American craft beer and hot dogs was an immediate hit.
Arcade in Amsterdam the TonTon Club. Things to do in Amsterdam.

The venture transformed what was a seedy sex paraphernalia store and peep show into a den of hip. TonTon attracted young Amsterdammers to the infamous touristy neighborhood.

Today, TonTon red light  is busy in the evenings. It provides a central location where you can meet, have a game and a drink before heading off to your next location.

Arcade Amsterdam TonTon Club. Things to do in Amsterdam.

Take 2! TonTon Japanese Style

The success of TonTon Red Light led to a quest for a second location. Space was found in the old Gas factory of Amsterdam's western industrial area that closed down in the late 1960s.

Since regeneration in the mid 1990s the former gas works has been a hub of creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit. Today it is known as the Westergasfabriek (Western Gas Factory) located in the Westerpark (Western Park) of Amsterdam.

The new location demanded a new theme and style chosen was crazy Japanese.This was a logical choice. For many decades the Japanese were the center of the global gaming industry. Japanese companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Sega are house hold brands today. They created the classic characters of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Mario Brothers and Zelda.

TonTon Japanese has the classics but also notable Japanese exports of the late 90s and early 2000s. Think Dance Dance Revolution, Pop n Music and Flip the Table. The larger space equates to more games and a commercial kitchen and bar.

Things to do in Amsterdam

The bar is a work in progress but food wise the Japanese crazy continues. Japanese/American fusion is the style. Ramen burger and Ramen and brisket are two dishes that you must sample when visiting. Although the bar is not completed at the time of writing milkshake alcoholic drinks are planned.

If you are in Amsterdam and have children or you are a child at heart visit either locations for guaranteed fun.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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