Luxury Yacht capsizes in Amsterdam business district

When in Amsterdam... a capsized luxury boat has been in placed in the middle of Amsterdam's Business district.

Located on the Gustav Mahler Square the boat is an art piece by Leonard van Munster Het Parool reports.

For many years the artist wished to places a piece of art work on the square but received no funding from businesses in the area.

Van Munster's capsized boat is called Fortuna after the Roman Goddess of fortune and misfortune. The capsized boat  is placed in front of the offices of the nation's third largest bank. ABN Amro was nationalized during the financial crisis because of misfortune.

The critique of fast money and extravagant possessions like luxury yachts is not lost on the neighbourhood.

It is obvious why van Munster did not receiving funding from the business heavyweights who occupy the area.

What is interesting is that van Munster gained approval to place his art at a location where it would most resonate.

The art work will remain during the period of Lent. Got to love Amsterdam!

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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