Amsterdam's frozen canals

The world has been amazed with Amsterdam's frozen canals over the weekend. The cold weather from the east hit western Europe and no better images captured this than Amsterdammers on their famous canals.

Yes, it has been a 6 years since the canals last freezing. The water authority closed canals to encourage the freezing. For two and a half days the ice fever took over. Here are a collection of images and videos of Amsterdam's frozen canals.

It wasn't all good ice news. On Thursday reports circulated that skaters had fallen through the ice with no footage. Additionally, in Noord Brabant, a southern province of the Netherlands, one skater died after falling through the ice nl times reported on the last day of February.

A Kingfisher was also caught on camera under the ice.

These examples reminded all the dangerous nature of the ice. Each district in the Netherlands has an Ice Master who measures ice and announces when and where it is safe to skate. Please follow this advice if you wish to venture onto the ice as a visitor to the Netherlands.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!
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