James Bond in Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam...remembers the James Bond moments in the city. With the release of Spectre, in the Netherlands and worldwide and surprisingly good reviews lets see the moments when the British spy was in Amsterdam for Diamonds are for Ever.

In 1971 filming took place in one day on two locations. The first location was the famous Marege Brug, the Skinny Bridge. Here the body of Mrs. Whistler is lifted out of the water as a tourist boat goes past. 

Overlooking the scene is the characters responsible for the death. In the back of the scene James Bond in his yellow Triumph car arrives in Amsterdam. The bridge and the tourist boats that pass have barely changed over the years.

The second location is the picturesque Reguliersgracht. This canal is normally visited by canal cruises and described as the 7 bridges. At the residence of number 36 and number 34 scenes were shot of Sean Connery's arrival as an under cover diamond smuggler. The residences are still there with only minor changes to the facades.

Amsterdam is famous for diamonds. If you are interested in these precious
stones visit Gassan Diamonds and take the free tour of the polishing and cutting areas.

The National Release Date for Spectre in the Netherlands is October 30 2015. The best place is view the movie is in the historic Tuschinski Theater in the heart of Amsterdam's historic city.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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