Crazy Men and Their Magnificent Flying Machines in Amsterdam the City of Bicycles

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Once a year for the last 3 years Amsterdam has been visited by rare old pre-war auto mobiles. Yes, the city of bicycles and canals will host the 100 Miles of Amsterdam. This weird and wonderful event pits man and machine against the winter elements of Amsterdam in the dead of night in a race against time.

This event was established by rally and vintage car enthusiasts, specifically pre-1940 cars. This year it will take place on the night 18 December and be completed on 19 December.

This year around 50 pre-war cars will take to the streets in this all night rally test. The rally starts at Huize Frankendael in Amsterdam East. Contestants will drive through the city. Dam Square and the 9 Streets, especially Reestraat will be great vantage points. They head to the centre of Utrecht where they stop before returning to the banks of the River Ij in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Watch Company in Amsterdam's famous shopping districts De 9 Straatjes (9 Streets) is proud to sponsor the event and has designed the wonderful poster below.

On their website The 100 Miles Amsterdam event organisers justify the event citing, apart from good old fun, sustainability and innovation. They believe that today products have a short life and that people are not building products that last. Rallying old cars is supposed to show how men and women can make things that go on for decades instead of being replaced every 3-5 years and placing burden on the environment.

Poster of The 100 Miles of Amsterdam by Amsterdam Watch Company in De 9 Straatjes Amsterdam

Below is a link from The Telegraaf. They made a short clip about last years event.

Everyone has pictures of bikes in Amsterdam and my town bike is one of my prized possessions but their is something classic and cool about old cars racing around Amsterdam. Rug up, get out and see these crazy, mostly,  men and their magnificent flying machines. Send us photos too.

When in Amsterdam.....enjoy!

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