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When in is the drink of choice. Home to Heineken and Amstel, Amsterdam has been a centre for European beer since the 15th century.

Here we have listed the best Brewery Tours and the Best Beer Tours in Amsterdam. (Updated March 2015)

Brewery Tours:

Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience Amsterdam

The big attraction in town is the Heineken Experience. Established in 1864 by the then 22 year old Gerard Heineken, Heineken is now the third largest beer company in the world. The tour takes place on the location of the brewery that was first constructed in 1867. This building produced beer until 1988.

  • It is the home to Heineken.
  • Learn the history of this world famous beer.
  • You learn how one of the largest beer companies in the world operates.
  • You get to drink Heineken
  • There is a lot marketing and advertising.
  • You only get two free half pints with you entrance.
  • Entrance price has increased over the years to 18 euros. 
  • Large crowds. Up to 500 000 people per year visit.

Established in 1985 in response to the domination by the large beer companies, namely Heineken. Brouwerij 't Ij is the flagship of Amsterdam micro Breweries. The all natural beers are not filtered or pasteurised. 

Tours are conducted in English on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cost is 4.50 euro and includes a beer. Tour begins at 3:30pm. Be sure to get there early as space is limited and it fills up fast.

  • Local Amsterdam beer that you won't find at home.
  • It is next to a windmill.
  • Beer is natural.
  • They make the beer on location.
  • Has a large beer garden outside.

  • A little out of the old city centre.
  • Limited opening hours 2pm - 8pm.
  • Hard to find a seat on a sunny day.

The new kid on the block was established in 2002. This is a brewery with a difference. It has a social agenda as the Prael provides work for people with social problems. These people often find it hard to find work elsewhere. Over the years the brewery has grown and expanded to a popular local hangout.

The tour is not standard. You can buy a package depending on how much beer you would like to sample. Prices start at 7.50 euro. No tours on Monday. Groups smaller than 10 have to wait until others join.

  • The social cause is a great community aspect.
  • Located centrally.
  • The beers are named after local music personalities and bands.
  • The have a kitchen that provides food.
  • Live jazz music on Sundays

  • A little hard to find.
  • Beer quality has been known to fluctuate. However, quality is much better as quantity increases.
  • Hard to find a seat on Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • Website is not in Dutch

Beer Bar Tours

These Beer Tours take you beyond the mainstream of Heineken and Amstel. They stress that they are not bar crawls and limit numbers accordingly.

Omy Amsterdam Beer Tour

Omy Amsterdam Tours

Rated the best beer tour company in Amsterdam by Tripadvisor. A small company that specialises in small group tours of 4 to 6 people maximum. Their beer tours are informal with super small groups hence their popularity. You buy your own beers and pay for the time of the guide. They have three tours:

  • Amsterdam Afternoon Beer Tour: This tour was designed by former customers who just wanted someone to show them around to cool beer locations. Tour maximum 4 people. Costs 25 euro.

  • Amsterdam Bars, Breweries and Distillery Tour: Similar to the Afternoon Beer Tour you visit local micro-breweries, bars and a distillery. You don't enter the working areas of the brew houses. You just drink their product. Tour maximum is 6 people. Costs 25 euro.

Urban Adventures Amsterdam

Amsterdam's extension of the world wide franchise. Urban Adventures was established to get people off the beaten path.

  • Amsterdam Beer Tour: Visit local beer specialist locations with a guide. Drinks are included in the price except for the end stop: 49 euro per person.

When in tastes good!

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