Piet Modriaan in Amsterdam 1892 -1912: Amsterdam Museum Exhibitions

When in Amsterdam....explore the influence on art. The Amsterdam Museum is currently displaying 62 pieces by Piet Modriaan. Modriaan is famous in the art world for pioneering the abstract (Neoplasticism/ de Stijl) school of painting.

Modrian in Amsterdam 1892 - 1912
(photo: Omy Amsterdam Tours)

This exhibition (on display to January 2, 2014) concentrates on his early works when he lived in and around Amsterdam. The works show the progression of Mordiaan as an artist (he would change his name to Modrian in Paris 1911). Modriaan is normally remembered for his line paintings. This exhibition shows a human, an artist who is developing from influence, environment and personal  philosophy.

Born just outside Amsterdam to a strict Calvinist family Modriaan moved to Amsterdam in 1892 to study at the Academy of Fine Art. The exhibition shows how young Modriaan painting was typical in 19th century style. Landscapes and especially windmills were consistent objects of his paintings. He built up a career of commissions painting portraits and landscapes.

The exhibition dramatically shows the influence on Modriaan of the Van Gogh exhibition in Amsterdam in 1905. From 1907 his colours change to be more radical. His radical colour choices put him at odds with patrons and his family.

Windmill in Sunlight, Modriaan 1908

Modriaan again changes his style after his trip to Paris in 1911. He is confronted by Cubism. Combined with the use of dramatic colours during the First World War  Modriaan turns his attention to the philosophy and painting, especially the line and colour. The process becomes more important than the result.

It is always fascinating to see an artist develop. Piet Modriaan in Amsterdam 1892 - 1912, exhibits rare works seldom displayed publicly. For those who love early 20th century art this is a must see. Great in combination with a visit to the Van Gogh and Stedelijk museums of Amsterdam.

When in Amsterdam....enjoy!
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