New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam: fire works on sale

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Amsterdam fireworks over Nieuwmarkt square

A great party is had by all on 31 December in Amsterdam. The canals and streets are full of people blowing up fire works. In most countries you are not allowed to buy your own fire works but the Dutch allow you this liberty. Fire work shops opened today and sell pyrotechnics for three days.

My favourite shop is in the Red Light District The address is Bethanienstraat 24.

Firework shop in Amsterdam's Red Light District

There are two locations near the Anne Frank House Museum.

Party Balloon on the Rozengracht 65. Also Closer to the Dam Sqaure is Louis Wittenburg on the RaadHuisstraat 16. These two places are normally party decoration and costume shops during the year.

Near Vondel Park we have Vuurwerk de Klerk on the Brederodestraat.

The sale of fireworks is not without controversy. Last year two boys lost their lives exploding hand made bombs. In Amsterdam almost 500 fires were extinguished by the fire department. Most of these fires were lit in rubbish bins. In 2014/5 a young 11 year boy in Amsterdam lost his hand to fireworks.

Amsterdam firework selection

Due to the strict controls many Dutch drive to Belgium to buy their rockets and party explosives. Fireworks are on sale all year around in the neighbouring country and fireworks not allowed in the Netherlands are often transported across the border.

Another trend has been to buy over the internet. Authorities have had problems with people sending and receiving fireworks in the mail. One report cited that 60% of fireworks are bought over the internet.

Amsterdam firework display at Maritime Museum

Belgian authorities seized 220 tonnes of fireworks earlier this week because stores did not have the right permit, they were stored incorrectly or there was too many fireworks in one location.

In May 2000 a fireworks storage facility blew up in the eastern Dutch city of Enschede killing 23 people including 4 fire men.

Enjoy Amsterdam over the New Year period but please be safe.

When in Amsterdam....enjoy!

Amsterdam fireworks after the big night

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