Bomb scare at Amsterdam Airport as Underwear Bomber to be Sentenced

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When in Amsterdam was on the way to the airport to pick up transiting customers who had booked a private tour of Amsterdam when Europe's 4th largest Airport was closed for a few hours on Monday. Two terminals were evacuation while military police and bomb detection units moved through the airport.

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It is being reported that a 40 year old man, a Russian citizen has been detained. He was found locked in the toilets shouting that he had an explosive device. After being detained no bomb was found and he posed no further problems for authorities.

The bomb scare at Amsterdam's Schiphol caused delays to hundreds of flights.Amsterdam airport is one of the largest in Europe and a major transportation hub. Some argue that the 700euro fine for causing such a disturbance is not large enough to be a deterrence.

Security had been improved since 2009 after the underwear bomber incident on a flight between Amsterdam and Detroit. Nigerian student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab smuggled liquid explosives in his underwear on a flight to America. He has pleaded guilty to trying to blow up the Northwest flight and now faces a sentence of life imprisonment.

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Umar's sentence is to be handed down on Thursday. He will be the last terror suspect to go through a  civilian justice process as all new terror suspects will be placed before a military tribunal after President Obama signed the new law late 2011. No link has been found between the underwear bomber and toilet bomb threat.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the tour for the transiting customers.

When in Amsterdam....enjoy!

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