Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition at Amsterdam's Eye Film

When in Amsterdam...the world first exhibition of the life's work of Stanley Kubrick is on display at the EYE. The EYE is the National Film Institute of the Netherlands. From 21 June to 9 September the EYE hosts lectures, workshops and screens Kubrick's influential films to accompany the exhibition.

Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) is considered one of the most influential directors of the 20th century. Kubrick set standards for genres such as Film Noir, Historical Drama and Science Fiction. He is famous for detailed planning, extensive research and developing film standards for camera work, lighting and music.

The exhibition presents an overview, in chronological order, of the life's work of Kubrick. From energectic beginnings of a teenage boy who sold his first photo at the age of 16 to the controversial but celebrated artist his work demands today. All of Kubrick's 13 movies are on show and details of his unfinished projects such as the Aryan Papers and Napoleon.

The exhibition place the films center stage. Surrounding the film screen, props, costumes and documents from the film's production are displayed. On the center console interviews of Kubrick's associates  describe their interaction with the genius of the film maker.

Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition at Amsterdam's EYE

The exhibition exposes the film maker through his work rather than the man itself. 

Kubrick films have always created debate. Many of his movies have attracted criticism and censorship. Lolita (1960-62) the story of lust and attraction of a 14 year old young woman. Full Metal Jacket  demonstrated, relentlesly, the horrors of America's involvement in the Vietnam War. No other movie was more controversial on release than Clockwork Orange (1970-71) a tale of violence and government rehabilitation. 

This controversy was realized when visiting. The violent gang rape scene of Clockwork Orange was on the screen and with young children present one grappled with the moral dilemma of censorship that Kubrick’s work attracted.

For the generation that did not live through the release dates of Kubrick films, the acclaim and criticism. The exhibtion reminds us of the sensitive issues Kubrick's movies addressed. The films have become masterpieces but the man himself remains a legend. In this exhibition only his work tells his story.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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