Amsterdam Museum Cannonball Run: 2. Amsterdam Museum

When in Amsterdam...the best museum about the city is of course the Amsterdam Museum. Housed on the location of the former monestry and city Orphanage the location dates back to 1581.

Amsterdam Museum entrance Kalverstraat
Museum Layout/Overview

5 main areas of the museum

- 1. Cafe and courtyard

- 2. DNA Amsterdam exhibition. An overview of the cities history using new and interactive multi-media exhibiting techniques. Perfect for someone with not a lot of time or not that into museum.

- 3. Amsterdam by centuries: is a more detailed looked through the city's history. Great if you wan to delve deeper into the ages.

- 4. Temporary exhibitions and childrens area.

- 5. Civic Guards Gallery: free gallery to walk though

Temporary exhibitions

Piet Modriaan in Amsterdam 1892 - 1912 (Modrian) was born just outside Amsterdam. He spent most of his youth in Amsterdam living in at least 10 addresses across the city. One such address is the Kalverstraat where this exhibition is on show. Mordian's work spans the late 19th century and early 20th century. His most famous works internationally are those after 1920.

This exhibition consists of 62 works from his early days to pre-1920s. It is interesting to see the artist develop through his work. This exhibition will be on display until February 2014. 

- See the Rembrandt painting "The Anotomy Lesson of Dr. Jan Deijman" (1956). Part of the permanent collection.
- Another Rembrandt is on loan until August 2015 from the American's National Gallery of Art. "Saskia van Uylenburgh". In the DNA exhibition.
- There is a good short movie of what Ajax Football Club means to Amsterdam.
- Modern art lovers will relish the Modrian exhibition in combination with Van Gogh museum and Stedelijk Museum.

Museumnacht Tips
- There is always a good party in the cafe and coutyard. This year the theme is New York jazz, Boogie Woogie, Eddie the Eagle and Modrian. Get there around midnight.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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