Amsterdam's Jordaan: Saturday Market

When in of the most beautiful parts of Amsterdam is the Jordaan. A working class district constructed in the early 17th century. 

Jordaan Market, Amsterdam.
The neighborhood was under threat from destruction in the 1970s. The local municipality wanted to modernize the area.

Locals got together and saved what was possible. Saturday is market day. Locals and visitors flock to the neighborhood by local produce and shopping for an array of items.

Our travel tip: On Saturday visit the Anne Frank House and book your tickets online so you don't have to line up. After, head up to the Jordaan market and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Jordaan. 

If you wish to visit the Jordaan join the Omy Amsterdam Jordaan sightseeing walking Tour. Groups are limited to 4 people. This allows you to pop into local places and experience the beauty of the Jordaan. 

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When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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