European Travel Shoe Tips

When in walk a lot. A European trip always means time on your feet. Shoes are important. Your first line of defence against the dreaded blister.

Do not wear those white sneakers! Leave those white tennis shoes at home. Walking through Europe the comfy white sneaker does't cut it.

  • They stand out and scream tourist.
  • Once they are wet and dirty they look wet and dirty.

Everyone wants to look good. Yet, there will be times you need to chase down that train, plane or bus. You need a shoe that is comfortable, durable, but stylish.

We have asked our guides what shoes they wear. We also searched "best travel shoes for Europe" and synthesised the results.

What to look for:

  • Rubber soled shoes
  • Shoes that can be worn to all occasions. From walking tour to a nice dinner.
  • Leather. Always looks good and great for those rainy days.

Women's' shoes

  • Rubber soled flats. They get you over the cobbled stones and look good on most women.
  • Loafers. They come in a range of colours and styles.
  • Ankle high boots with rubber sole. 
  • Coloured sneakers. Show your personality.

Men's shoes
  • Leather loafers
  • Dark leather sneakers

Recommended shoe brands for travel:
  • Break those shoes in before you leave.
  • Socks are important too.
  • Rub soap on the inside of your sock where you are prone to blisters.

Here is a list of webpages to further your reading:
- The savvy backpacker
- Walking Shoe Guide

When in Amsterdam....enjoy!

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