Beer Bar Amsterdam: In de Wildeman

When in Amsterdam....In de Wildeman is a famous beer bar.

If you love beer in its wide and varied form then this is the place for you. The staff are always welcoming and happy to provide advice and a taste of their extensive list to help with your decision.

The list has more than 40 Dutch, 20 German and 10 English beers. The list of tap beers always changes depending on the season and availability.

The beer is traditional in style with charming wood interior. A comfortable warming place where an old man or women with many years of beer experience would not be out of place. There is always an atmosphere empty or full.

The bar is best for groups of 2-5. There are about 10 tables but the low set bar does not encouraging sitting at the bar.

In de Wildeman is a little hard to find so make sure you mark it well on your map. Address is Kolksteeg 3, Amsterdam

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When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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