Amsterdam Museum Night 2015

When in Amsterdam...every year the Museums open until 2am. In 2015 Amsterdam's Museum Night is on November 7. Here we answer all of your questions and provide you tips on how to have an awesome experience.

What is Museum Night?

A cultural festival that aims to attract young people to the cultural institutions of Amsterdam. Special events are organised and run by young people to create a unique annual event. Think music, food and fantastic one off events all run by the youth of the Netherlands.

How do we get a ticket?

Tickets for Amsterdam Museum Night are available through their website MuseumNachtAmsterdam. Tickets can also be purchased over the paylogic phone system. There will be a charge of .45c/minute. Phone Number is 0900 900 500

Please note that the participating Museums do not sell the tickets.

How much is a ticket and what does this include?

There are two tickets available 

18.50 euro

This ticket that provides you:

  • entry to the 53 participating venues from 7pm until 2am
  • Discount on a 24 hour GVB Transportation card that provides you transportation on Amsterdam Trams and Metro system. This can be purchased only at AKO store at Amsterdam Centraal Train Station
  • Free use of the shuttle bus that run between Museumplein/Heersterveld/Vrolik Museum and Museumplein. This bus runs from 7pm until 2:30am
  • 15% discount on the use of Amsterdam Electric Taxis
  • Discount Entry to various Amsterdam clubs for the night.
  • One free entrance to participating museums before the end of 2015.
33.50 euro

This ticket includes all of the above benefits and entrance into the official after parties at:
Both of these after parties are located in Amsterdam's Westerpark. The parties run until 7am.

Photo by N8

  1. Purchase tickets early as this event is often sold out. 32, 000 people attended last year. Yes, you read that right 32,000 people!
  2. Go via bicycle to help you cover areas quickly.
  3. Less is more. Don't try and do too many museums.
  4. Visit the smaller museums where there are fewer people.
  5. Have a general plan
  6. Visit the Portuguese Synagogue. A perennial favorite with the 17th Century temple is lite with 1000 natural candles.
Every year we have our group meet at our apartment for a home cooked dinner and a few drinks. We review the different events and each person says which place we would like to visit. A route is then created. We avoid the big museum on the Museumplein because of the long lines and large crowds. We jump on our bicycles and head off into the night.

Here is an example of what we did on previous year's Museum Night Party.

This is one of our favourite festivals of the year. If you are in Amsterdam on the evening of the 7th of November Museum Night is a must do.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy! 

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