Amsterdam Local tip for weekend 27-29 November

You want to do something different this weekend in Amsterdam. Here is a thing to do, visit the Food Trucks at a food festival. Yes, yes, I know its cold outside.

The Food Trucks are inside 'smiley face'. From 26th through to the 29th of November some 70 Food Trucks will descend on Amsterdam RAI Centre

Amsterdam Food Festival

It is easy to get to from central Amsterdam. Take Tram 4 or Metro 51 to the RAI convention centre and then follow your nose. You can't get lost as the RAI Centre is the largest in the Netherlands with a really big sign "RAI" and lots of little signs on the roads around the centre saying "RAI". If you are a little or a lot OCD it is in the Europahal or Europe Hall of the Centre.

What could be better than a food festival? I hear you say. Entrance is FREE!

They open at 5pm until 11pm. Sorry, no sneaky food truck lunch.

Now your first drink is going to cost you 2.50euro for the container. When you return it you get your 2.50euro back.

The festival will run on coupons instead of cash so you will have to go to the cashier to get these coupons.

There is to be music, drinks and lots of locals. There is a kids friendly area so don't be afraid to take the little ones to enjoy the tasty treats.

Our Tip:

Dikke Bertha any thing from that cooker is fantastic.

They are already set up.

Amsterdam Food Festival of Food Trucks
Any questions check out the Amsterdam Food Festival Facebook page or website

Have fun.

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