Free Tulips - National Tulip Day in Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam...the third Saturday of the 1st month is National Tulip Day.

Every year National Tulip day brightens the city. This year, 2018, the city needs some cheer especially so with the big code red storm yesterday.

What we love about this day is the color and FREE Tulips. You too can enjoy. It is tomorrow January 20 on the Dam Square. It is one of the best things you can do in Amsterdam this weekend.

National Tulip Day on Dam Square Amsterdam

We Dutch love free things and to be provided the national flower for free in the grayness of January always lightens the mood.

The tulips are specially grown in the greenhouses South West of Amsterdam.

So get to the Dam Square tomorrow. Pick your own free tulips.

It doesn't matter if you are here for a few days or a few hours.

Take your tulips and put them in your room or give them out to people you pass in the street.

Spread happiness and color on National Tulip Day.

We Recommend:

1. Give yourself enough time to line up.
2. Take lots of photos.
3. Pick your own tulips. Put the tulips in your room or hand them out to passersby.

Tulips from National Tulip Day 2016 in our window.
When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

I know I have been away from the blog in 2017 but back in 2018 with a posting a week. Any ideas for posts send the our way.

I also have a news feed of articles about tips and things to do in Amsterdam. The link is here.

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