Tip for Amsterdam weekend 23-25 February 2018

nacht voor de nacht 2018

The second annual event Nacht voor de Nacht is happening on Saturday 24 February 2018.

25 Amsterdam clubs can be accessed with 1 ticket for 17.50 euros + service fee - let's say 20 euro. This is the ultimate locals' club event. Amsterdam is famous for its DJs and this night demonstrates the diversity and talent Amsterdam has to offer. Not to mention it will keep you dancing to the early hours of the morning.

There are also side events and deals with restaurants. The event was sold out last year. All information can be found at the website or in English or the facebook page. The event  organized with by the Stichting N8BM Amsterdam and is supported by the Night Mayor of Amsterdam.

If you need to kick up your heals this is the night to do it.

When in Amsterdam..enjoy!

Nacht Burgemeester Amsterdam (Night Mayor of Amsterdam)

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