Rembrandt or Not? Old Drawings, New Names

When in is the home to Rembrandt. The old master spent most of his life in this town. Currently the Rembrandt House Museum is holding an exhibition Rembrandt or Not? Old Drawings New Names.

The exhibition addresses how art historians attribute work to certain artists. The exhibition is the first of its kind in the Netherlands. The exhibition presents 60 drawings that were made by Rembrandt, his apprentices or contemporaries. All of the drawings were initially accredited to 17th century artists. The exhibition is the work of Peter Schatborn who was the head of prints and drawings at the Rijksmusum.

The style and similarities can be seen in the drawings. Apprentices had to learn the style of the master. Rembrandt's apprentices were many. Among them were Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flink.

It is easy to see how art historians have mistakenly attributed drawings. It makes you think how the more valuable paintings are attributed to artists of the period. Looking through these drawings posted on this blog which artist would you think drew them? Go to the Rembrandt House Museum to find out and learn about the process.

The exhibition runs  1 February to 27 April 2014.

Our Tip:

Visit the Rembrandt House Museum before you visit the Rijksmuseum. Step back in time to see and feel the environment before seeing the masterpieces in the national museum, Rijksmuseum.

Open hours and prices can be found here at their website for Rembrandt House Museum.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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Rembrandt's House Museum: Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam....visit the Rembrandt House. The old master lived most of his life in Amsterdam. At the height of his popularity he resided in a magnificent house for twenty years in the middle of Amsterdam's Jewish Quarter.

Rembrandt's House 1868
At this museum you get to step back in time and understand the environment that Rembrandt lived. The house has been reconstructed and filled with objects from Rembrandt's time. Also, the house holds the largest collection of Rembrandt etchings.

Rembrandt's House initial restoration in mid 20th century

It was in 1906 that the city purchased the building and began a long process of restoration. It was not until 1999 that the current restoration was completed. This was due to the purchase of the adjacent building to house the library and information centre.

Paint making in the 17th century at  Rembrandt's House Museum, Amsterdam.

The best thing about the museum is the demonstrations. Each day the Museum shows how etchings were done in the 17th century. There is also a demonstration on how paint was made in Rembrandt's time.

Our tip:

Visit the Rembrandt House Museum before you visit the Rijksmuseum. Step back in time to see and feel the environment before seeing the masterpieces in the national museum, Rijksmuseum.

Open hours and prices can be found here at their website for Rembrandt House Museum.

 When in Amsterdam....enjoy!

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Amsterdam's Heineken: 150 years of Heineken in Amsterdam, exhibition at the City Archives

When in Amsterdam....this is home to Heineken. The third largest beer in the company in the world is the city's most famous name. In 2014, Heineken celebrates its 150 year birthday. The Amsterdam City Archives is presenting an exhibition of history about the founder and the company in the Amsterdam.

Established in 1864 by the then 22 year old Gerard Adrian Heineken, the beer was a success from the beginning. The exhibition, Heineken's Amsterdam, charts the establishment of the company and its first brewery near the Dam Square.

Gerard Adrian Heineken

The exhibition then flows to explaining the man and his role in Amsterdam society. Gerard Heineken was philanthropic and in keeping with the times. He worked for 20 years as the treasurer of the Municipal Soup Kitchen. He was member of the Free Bread committee and the committee to provide housing to the homeless.

Gerard Heineken was also a patron of the arts. He served on supervisory committees of the new Rjiksmuseum and the Peoples Palace, present day National Bank. This did of course help with his marriage to noblewoman Mary Tindal in 1871. There are images and city plans to show his involvement in Amsterdam's development.

It was in 1870 that Heineken starting producing its trademark pilsner beer. It was an immediate hit then and bettered over the years. This is the beer that today the world associates with Heineken. 

The exhibition finishes with a look at the beer and the beer branding until present time. As always the Amsterdam City Archives provide a rich and well curated exhibition. The archival documents from the city database are intermixed with historical Heineken documents. The exhibition does well to explain the man behind one of the Netherlands most famous exports, Heineken.

Visitor Tip:

  • This exhibition Heineken's Amsterdam is a perfect accompaniment to the Heineken Experience
  • The price is reasonable at 6 euro and 4 euro for discount card holders such as the Museum Card. 
  • The audio guide is free with entrance and full of information.
  • Then within 15 minutes walk you can do the very popular Heineken Experience in the old 19th century brewery and try the world famous beer.

Details for the exhibition can be found at the Amsterdam City Archives website. The exhibition runs 7 February until 11 May 2014.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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Amsterdam Beer Tours

When in is the drink of choice. Home to Heineken and Amstel, Amsterdam has been a centre for European beer since the 15th century.

Here we have listed the best Brewery Tours and the Best Beer Tours in Amsterdam. (Updated March 2015)

Brewery Tours:

Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience Amsterdam

The big attraction in town is the Heineken Experience. Established in 1864 by the then 22 year old Gerard Heineken, Heineken is now the third largest beer company in the world. The tour takes place on the location of the brewery that was first constructed in 1867. This building produced beer until 1988.

  • It is the home to Heineken.
  • Learn the history of this world famous beer.
  • You learn how one of the largest beer companies in the world operates.
  • You get to drink Heineken
  • There is a lot marketing and advertising.
  • You only get two free half pints with you entrance.
  • Entrance price has increased over the years to 18 euros. 
  • Large crowds. Up to 500 000 people per year visit.

Established in 1985 in response to the domination by the large beer companies, namely Heineken. Brouwerij 't Ij is the flagship of Amsterdam micro Breweries. The all natural beers are not filtered or pasteurised. 

Tours are conducted in English on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cost is 4.50 euro and includes a beer. Tour begins at 3:30pm. Be sure to get there early as space is limited and it fills up fast.

  • Local Amsterdam beer that you won't find at home.
  • It is next to a windmill.
  • Beer is natural.
  • They make the beer on location.
  • Has a large beer garden outside.

  • A little out of the old city centre.
  • Limited opening hours 2pm - 8pm.
  • Hard to find a seat on a sunny day.

The new kid on the block was established in 2002. This is a brewery with a difference. It has a social agenda as the Prael provides work for people with social problems. These people often find it hard to find work elsewhere. Over the years the brewery has grown and expanded to a popular local hangout.

The tour is not standard. You can buy a package depending on how much beer you would like to sample. Prices start at 7.50 euro. No tours on Monday. Groups smaller than 10 have to wait until others join.

  • The social cause is a great community aspect.
  • Located centrally.
  • The beers are named after local music personalities and bands.
  • The have a kitchen that provides food.
  • Live jazz music on Sundays

  • A little hard to find.
  • Beer quality has been known to fluctuate. However, quality is much better as quantity increases.
  • Hard to find a seat on Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • Website is not in Dutch

Beer Bar Tours

These Beer Tours take you beyond the mainstream of Heineken and Amstel. They stress that they are not bar crawls and limit numbers accordingly.

Omy Amsterdam Beer Tour

Omy Amsterdam Tours

Rated the best beer tour company in Amsterdam by Tripadvisor. A small company that specialises in small group tours of 4 to 6 people maximum. Their beer tours are informal with super small groups hence their popularity. You buy your own beers and pay for the time of the guide. They have three tours:

  • Amsterdam Afternoon Beer Tour: This tour was designed by former customers who just wanted someone to show them around to cool beer locations. Tour maximum 4 people. Costs 25 euro.

  • Amsterdam Bars, Breweries and Distillery Tour: Similar to the Afternoon Beer Tour you visit local micro-breweries, bars and a distillery. You don't enter the working areas of the brew houses. You just drink their product. Tour maximum is 6 people. Costs 25 euro.

Urban Adventures Amsterdam

Amsterdam's extension of the world wide franchise. Urban Adventures was established to get people off the beaten path.

  • Amsterdam Beer Tour: Visit local beer specialist locations with a guide. Drinks are included in the price except for the end stop: 49 euro per person.

When in tastes good!

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Things to do in Amsterdam: Local Tips from famous Amsterdammers

When in Amsterdam....there are so many things to do. Here we have translated advice from famous Amsterdammers of what to do in the city for visitors. These exerts were taken from a book titled: Mijn Plek Amsterdam. 2013. The book was only released in Dutch but is a great gift idea.

Hanna Bervoets

Hanna Bervoets
 Photo taken from
Hanna Bervoets is born and breed Amsterdam. She is famous for being a writer, journalist, columnist and appearing on Dutch television.

Hanna's tip: "visitors should go to Cafe-Restaurant Noorderlicht in Amsterdam-North at the NDSM wharf. There, tourists get to see a special and little exposed piece of Amsterdam."

Job Cohen

Job Cohen
Photo taken from
Job Cohen is former social democratic politician and famous for being Mayor of Amsterdam 2001-2010. He was rated European of the Year 2005 by Time for his handling of race tension in Amsterdam.

Job's tip:"a tourist should be directed to the new (eastern) Ij islands. An example for the whole world how an ancient port which no longer serves it initial purpose can be transformed into a modern part of the city. When I started as mayor there was nothing, now it is really beautiful."

Leo Blokhuis

Leo Blokhuis
Photo taken from

Leo Blokhuis is an expert in the field of pop. He is also a professional graphic designer and a broadcaster.

Leo's tip: "tourists should visit the museums, it's really not normal how much there is to see in the larger museums of the city. Very happy they are open again to the public."

Jeroen Pauw

Jeroen Pauw
Photo taken from talent kitchen

Jeroen Pauw is a journalist and television presenter.

Jeroen's tip: "I hope that tourists see Amsterdam as a relaxed and cheerful village. I get annoyed by people watching and thinking it is dangerous. Walk to Wilhelmina Dok (north Amsterdam) find a cafe and drink quietly a coffee. Then Walk through the park and go to the museum (Film museum)."

Glennis Grace

Glennis Grace
Photo taken from ceo-evenementen
Glennis is a born and breed Amsterdam famous for her singing.

Glennis's tip: "A boat tour is really special. But also a bus or perhaps even by bicycle. A fun and comfortable way to see the city."

Johannes van Dam (deceased)

Johannes van Dam
Photo taken from Het Parool
Johannes was born an Amsterdammer and died in Amsterdam. A journalist and the Netherlands most famous food critic. He had a column for 25 years in the national daily Het Parool. 

Johannes's tip: "Go to the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Hermitage. Then a cruise the canals. For the best croquettes in Amsterdam you need to go to confectionery Holtkamp on the Vijzelgracht."

Tygo Gernandt

Tygo Gernandt
Photo taken from

Tygo Gernandt was born in Amsterdam. He is famous for being a voice, television and film actor.

Tygo's tip: "Just the city sweep you up. Walk out of Central Station and just keep walking. Be yourself and do what you want to do. This is what I would advise."

Ellen Hoog

Ellen Hoog
Photo taken from
Ellen is a famous for her field hockey talent. She was a member of the Netherlands' European and World Champion national field hockey team

Ellen's tip: "Visit the Nine Streets. When I 'm abroad I look for this atmosphere. The squares, terraces and canals give a very pretty picture of Amsterdam."

Youp van 't Hek

Youp van 't Hek
Photo taken from

Youp is famous for being a comedian and making fun of the rich. He is also a columnist for the national daily NRC Handelsblad since 1988. 

Youp's tip: "At five in the morning take a boat through the city. The students are home, the whores go to bed and sleep. The city wakes up at the same time. Its really great. Get on your bike and go eat somewhere you 've never been without a reservation."

Lnage Frans

Lnage Frans
Photo taken from
Lnage Frans is born in Amsterdam and is famous for being a rapper and a television presenter.

Lnage's tip: "Cruise through the canals. Just an hour of listening to the tape and admiring all the beautiful things."

We hope this was helpful. If you would like to see the book this came from Mijn Plek Amsterdam. It is a book that asked 25 famous Amsterdammers about their part of Amsterdam. We bought a copy from the Amsterdam City Archives bookshop.

When in Amsterdam....enjoy!

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Street Photography in Amsterdam: William Klein Exhibition at Foam

When in Amsterdam....Foam photo museum is paradise for photographers. Presently, the entire museum is dedicated to a retrospective of William Klein the famous American-French photographer and filmmaker.

New York born, William Klein is considered one of the top 100 influential photographers of all time. He is famous for his ironic approach and unique photo techniques for photo journalism and fashion photography. He is also one of the Godfathers of Street Photography.

Photo: William Klein

The exhibition spans the entire three floors of Foam Museum. On entrance you are enter the black and whites of New York in the 1950s. This room balances the idolized American Dream with gritty images of New York streets.

By William Klein

The exhibition then flows in his work from Moscow, Rome and Japan. On the top floor there is a collage of his films that poke fun at the American and French ideals of freedom.  This mix of film clips brings the exhibition together. The personality of Klein ironic, crude and rude yet alive and personal.

By William Klein

The exhibition, William Klein, runs December 2, 2013 until March 12, 2014. For lovers of street photography and art in general this is insightful. The 1.5 hours of iconic 20th century photography is unlikely to be seen for sometime in Amsterdam. Take the opportunity if in Amsterdam.

By William Klein

*note* There is a 1.25 euro surcharge for Museum Card hollers.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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Marcel Wanders: Pinned Up at the Stedelijk, 25 years of design

When in Amsterdam...the Stedelijk Museum is home to contemporary art. Marcel Wanders: Pinned up at the Stedelijk is an exhibition of one of the Netherlands most famous designers.

The exhibition, curated by Ingeborg de Roode, brings together 400 pieces and 25 years of Marcel Wanders work. In 2011, the New York Times labeled Wanders the Lady Gaga of the design world. As he was 'a constant font of ideas and energy who is nearly impossible to ignore'.

Knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders 1996

Marcel Wanders rise to fame came in the 1990s. In 1996, his Knotted Chair was released to international acclaim at the Milan Furniture Fair. He developed the chair for the Droog collective and in 2001 foundered Moooi furniture. 

The exhibition is laid out in three distinct areas. The first decision is to decide which zone to explore first, White or Black Zones. 

The White Zone, charts the progression of Wander's work. This zone is based on 10 themes among them surface, innovation, playing with scale. 

The Black Zone, presents work that is more experimental and personal to Wanders. The contrast from the White Zone creates a simple powerful dramatic effect.

The Lounge area at the end of the exhibition shows his work for design brands.

The iconic works of Wanders are presented. Such as, Set Up Shades lamp (1989), Knotted Chair (1996), Lace Table (1997), Egg Vase (1997) and Skygarden lamp (2007). There are also lesser known pieces and recent pieces such as the special edition version for this exhibition of the Egg Vase.

Egg Vase: Marcel Wanders

If you are a designer or just love design this is must if you are in Amsterdam. Even if you don't think you enjoy design you will find something in this exhibition that screams cool. The exhibition runs from February 1 until June 15 2014. The Exhibition Marcel Wanders: Pinned up at the Stedelijk, 25 years of design is sponsored by Koninklijke Ahold N.V. 

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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