Amsterdam Museum Cannonball Run: 3. Allard Pierson Museum

When in Amsterdam...lovers of the antiquity the Allard Pierson Museum is for you. The Museum is the archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam.

Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam

Museum Overview/ Layout
- The building is impressive with marble floors and high ceilings
- Museum laid out over 2 floors
- Floor one is temporary exhibition and the Egypt rooms
- Floor two is Roman, Greek, Etruria, Cyprus and southern Italy and Sicily artifacts
Egypt artifact - Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam
Temporary Exhibition
Eternal Egypt Experience - covers Egypt through the centuries. This exhibition goes beyond the normal mummies and Tutankhamun that one expects of ancient Egypt exhibitions. The exhibition starts at 1600,000 before Christ and goes through to 20th Century.

The exhibition is the findings of a combined archeolgical digs conducted by 7 Dutch and Flemish Universities in different parts of Egypt. There is a large multi-media component of the exhibition that takes around 20 minuttes. The exhibition runs until 5 January 2014.

- for those with a Museum card there is a 2.50 euro additional fee to enter the museum.

Museumnacht tips
- The theme this  year for the Allard Pierson Museum is The Senses. There is a large program of activities  including an antient jukebok and make your own antique perfume. For more information visit here.

When in Amserdam....enjoy!
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pim van den berg said...

The building was originally used as the HQ of the "Nederlandse Bank", the Dutch national Bank..

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