Amsterdam Local tip for weekend 27-29 November

You want to do something different this weekend in Amsterdam. Here is a thing to do, visit the Food Trucks at a food festival. Yes, yes, I know its cold outside.

The Food Trucks are inside 'smiley face'. From 26th through to the 29th of November some 70 Food Trucks will descend on Amsterdam RAI Centre

Amsterdam Food Festival

It is easy to get to from central Amsterdam. Take Tram 4 or Metro 51 to the RAI convention centre and then follow your nose. You can't get lost as the RAI Centre is the largest in the Netherlands with a really big sign "RAI" and lots of little signs on the roads around the centre saying "RAI". If you are a little or a lot OCD it is in the Europahal or Europe Hall of the Centre.

What could be better than a food festival? I hear you say. Entrance is FREE!

They open at 5pm until 11pm. Sorry, no sneaky food truck lunch.

Now your first drink is going to cost you 2.50euro for the container. When you return it you get your 2.50euro back.

The festival will run on coupons instead of cash so you will have to go to the cashier to get these coupons.

There is to be music, drinks and lots of locals. There is a kids friendly area so don't be afraid to take the little ones to enjoy the tasty treats.

Our Tip:

Dikke Bertha any thing from that cooker is fantastic.

They are already set up.

Amsterdam Food Festival of Food Trucks
Any questions check out the Amsterdam Food Festival Facebook page or website

Have fun.

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Watch Amsterdam Thief Steal Bicycle

Amsterdam is a city famous for bicycles. The common factoid often quoted is that there are more bicycles in Amsterdam than there are people. The vague number of bicycles in the city is due to the lack of compulsory registration and that there are far to many to count.

Amsterdam bicycle theft

Bicycle theft has always been a part of Amsterdam history since the two wheel objects became popular in the late 1800s. The 1920s saw a great boom in bicycles and their theft. Police reports from Amsterdam saw the problem of citizens not locking their bicycles. A city bi-law was introduced that made it an offence to not lock your bike. This was then repealed due to the public outcry that followed when fines were issued to bicycle owners.

The theft rate increased to such a rate that in the 1950s people just used what ever bike was unlocked. This led to the famous White Bike Scheme where any white bike could be used and left for the next person. This idealist program failed due to the lack of Dutch pragmatic management such as maintenance and redistribution measures.

When the West wind blew strong nearby Haarlem police new the Amsterdam bike thieves would pay the hamlet a visit. The police would rush along the road connecting Amsterdam to Haarlem once a theft was reported in a hope to catch the thief with the wind full against their back.

Other stories recount the boat man who would amaze visitors with his line and grappling hook. As he angelically smiled at the crowd he hauled one after another bicycle into his boat. The good Samaritan would then recycle the bikes or scrap the metal. Only later would locals find it was the "good Samaritan" who had placed the bicycles in the canals. A thief with a smile. The water authority is now responsible for dredging Amsterdam canals of 10 000 to 15 000 bicycles per year.

Amsterdam bicycle theft

Students of Amsterdam universities have all been keen to meet the bicycle thief in the wee hours of the mornings. On leaving their festivities the inebriated student  has often been unable to locate their bike. They happily hand over money for a stolen bicycle as an alternative to an expensive taxi.

The students were such a great source of revenue that bridges near campus buildings soon became known as Junkie Bridge for the wide selection of available black market bicycles. Another common phrase by the student is "there is never a bicycle thief when you need one", as the student trudges home in the rain.

An Amsterdam bicycle thief comes in many forms. Whole vans are known to descend on a bicycle parking lot and leave with a vehicle full of bikes. It has been said that in the nearby Province of Overijssel everyone rides on Amsterdam bikes. The rise of the internet has enabled the Amsterdam bicycle thief to send the the much sought after sturdy Dutch bikes further afield into Europe.

You are really not an Amsterdammer until you get your bicycle stolen. The experience is unique. It is a mixture of despair and grief. Deep loathing is felt as you realize that it is in fact stolen and not misplace. The following days you trudge the city with the look of a vengeful vigilante. Every passing bicycle possibly yours. Every passenger on a similar bicycle is a probable thief or accomplice.

With such a rich history of bicycle theft it is not a surprise that an Amsterdam thief has been caught on camera with great fanfare. What is surprising, is that this thief was exposed by a bicycle organisation to highlight the issue of bicycle theft.

So here we have a clip from the organisation We Love Cycling  who organised the  Annual 2015 European Bicycle Stealing Championship.

Amsterdam may not have world class pickpockets or quick of hand 3 card monte scammers but we are the 2015 European Bicycle Stealing Champions!

When in Amsterdam enjoy........................................................and lock up your bike!

Amsterdam bicycle theft statistics

The Romans invade Amsterdam: Rome an exhibition at the Nieuwe Kerk

Amsterdam Nieuwe Kerk exhibtion: Rome: Emperor Constantine's Dream

The Romans never made it to Amsterdam. Simply, Amsterdam did not exist as a settlement of notable size. The Romans made their defensive line along the Rhine River. Utrecht was the closet they got, about 25 miles south of Amsterdam.

This has now changed with the exhibition: Rome: Emperor Constantine's Dream at Amsterdam's Nieuwe Kerk. Constantine is an interesting choice for a Roman exhibition in Amsterdam's "new" church. Constantine was the first Christian Emperor to rule Rome - sort of as he was only baptized on his deathbed. Under his rule Christianity went from a secret sect whose followers were thrown to the lions to a legitimate religion free from oppression

Amsterdam Nieuwe Kerk exhibtion: Rome: Emperor Constantine's Dream

The exhibition presents Constantine as a kind christian-esque ruler. The Good Shepard statue from the Vatican's Pro Cristiano Museum is a perfect example.  A young Shepard with a helpless sheep upon his shoulders.  The exhibition  portray's the period, late 3rd century to early 4th century, as a time of religious tolerance with other artifacts representing a diversity of beliefs. A relativist state with Constantine as its ruler.

Amsterdam Nieuwe Kerk exhibtion: Rome: Emperor Constantine's Dream

As a visitor to Amsterdam you can learn about Roman history and the Dutch Reformation in one building.

The direction of the exhibition and the location of the Nieuwe Kerk was not lost on the visitor. The Nieuwe Kerk is a church where all the Kings and Queens of the Netherlands are blessed at the beginning of their reign King or Queen. The Netherlands has a relatively new King.

Yet the church's position on Dam Square presents the building as of lesser importance than the former City Hall now Royal Palace. The Nieuwe Kerk is rarely used these days for religious practice as the Royal Palace seldom has regal occupants.

The Netherlands has one of the largest agnostic populations in Europe. Approximately 30% depending on which statistics you view. Amsterdam, as its capital. Is considered one of the most diverse city's in the world for its population.

The Dutch Reformed Church of which the new King of the Netherlands is a member once held the position of 'privileged' religion of the state. This organisation has lost 60% or its congregation since 1950.

Here we have an extremely diverse city, Amsterdam. In a country where an anti-immigrant and anti-Islam political party is most popular (polls September 2015). Showing an exhibition of a Roman Emperor most believe to be Christian but wasn't, portrayed as a symbol of religious diversity. This in a church not used as a church, in a country that is not religious.

You wonder why people love Amsterdam?

The exhibition, Rome: Emperor Constantine's Dream  runs until 7 February 2016. For more details visit the Nieuwe Kerk website.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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December in Amsterdam: What to do?

When in Amsterdam...there are plenty of things to do in December. Here is not a comprehensive list of things going on in Amsterdam during the month of December in 2017.

December in Amsterdam things to do

English Speakers always want to talk about the weather.

Lets get this out of the way first. The weather in Amsterdam in December is not going to be good. It is going to be cold and miserable outside. If this image is in your head then everything is going to be fine. You don't come to Amsterdam for the weather! That aside here are some useful tips.

  1. It's going to be colder than you think. The large amount of water in Amsterdam means what the weather man or woman has typed into your forecast is not what it feels like.
  2. Don't look at the temperature, look at the wind direction. 
    1. West wind = normal, changeable, fresh, rain; 
    2. North = stable; 
    3. South = doesn't come in winter; 
    4. East = put everything you brought on and still it is not enough.
  3. Don't trust the weather man or me.
  4. If you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes
  5. Favorite this webpage or download its accompanying app. Buidenradar. This is a live radar system. You can see if rain, snow or hail is coming and decide weather to have another coffee or Heineken or make a run for it.

Fricking Amsterdam Light Festival - All of December

The Amsterdam marketing machine has deemed this the thing to do in the city for December. Mostly local artists create objects and some art pieces. These are scattered in an orderly fashion through out Amsterdam and connected to electricity.

The objects have been scattered in an orderly fashion so you can walk, bike or boat past. If you are in Amsterdam during Winter you are bound to stumble across these objects. Often this is more exciting than participating in a pre-planned event.

National Ballet Amsterdam the nutcracker things to do in December in Amsterdam

Real High Culture

No thai-dyed Jimmy Hendrix joint smokers here. Just ballet and opera. Of course Amsterdammers won't hold it against you if you have a joint before the show. The Netherlands' egalitarian society makes going to the ballet or opera an affordable and enjoyable experience. There is no need to wear a suit, tie or evening dress. Turn up and enjoy the show. This is what is important.

Dutch National Ballet performs Sleeping Beauty

Dutch National Opera has a production of Puccini's La Boheme.

Friday night Skate Amsterdam things to do in Amsterdam December

Crazy Skaters

Friday Skate Night with Christmas theme weather permitting.
The event has been held every Friday night since 1997 when the weather is good. It starts from Vondel Park at 8pm and runs to about 10:30pm.

The Christmas edition is always a sight with skaters, rollers all dressed up in costume. Updates on the event can be found on their Facebook Page.

Self inflicted Cruelty (Not in 2017)

Winter Circus 19 December -3 January At the Rai
I am not really into circuses that use animals but this one uses people. A good 2.5 hours of entertainment for the whole family and you don't have to have those awkward ethical thoughts. If you are interested here is the link.


Valhalla Festival 23 December a bizarre night of a mixture of circus, and dance music starting at 10:30 and running until 7am.

winter markets in Amsterdam things to do in December

Best Markets to Visit in December

December represents market madness in Amsterdam. The daily markets continue but the holiday season witnesses a plethora of Winter goodies and activities.

The usual suspects are at their locations. Think poor versions of German Christmas markets. At least we are straight talkers in Amsterdam. Normal locations are Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein and Museumplein.

Special markets that sell artisan goods from local and small producers are also popular in this month of Winter.

Kerst Fair Sunday Market 10 December
Pure Market: 17 December 2017
Funky Xmas Market 10 December 2017

Amsterdamshe kerstmarket De Kromhouthal 22,23 December
Hip and local. North Amsterdam is what Brooklyn or the Bronx is to Manhatten in New York. The one difference is that it is easy to get to with the free ferry from behind Amsterdam's Central Train Station.

Museum Market: 17 December 2017
Your winter paradise surrounded by wonderful architecture. There will be the largest ice skating rink in the old city. Watch the children push around chairs learning to skate. Young and old lovers skating holding hands. Stoned college students from abroad falling over, laughing and giggling.

You get the idea skating, warm wine, sausages and pretzels beneath the towering institutions of the Rijks and Van Gogh museums. Of course, don't forget there is that IAmsterdam sign all visitors have been told is a must to visit and photograph!

FoodHallen:  indoor food market open 7 days.
I am not a great fan of the Food Hallen. Mostly because it is not in my immediate neighborhood. Yes, us Amsterdammers are fiercely micro-local.

In Winter I do admit the FoodHallen comes into its own. It is located in the old tram depot and there is a range of bites to satisfy all tastes. Do be mindful of peak times lunch on Saturday and Sunday demonstrate the eternal Amsterdam problem - there is never enough space.

World Famous Rock Pop events in December

These listing have been added to make you salivate. Most of these events were sold out within minutes of the tickets release. Prince, the wonderful eccentric is the only one who has not released tickets yet. There will be black market ticket sellers about. You all know the risks but where there is a will there is a way. So the saying goes.

Check out the music institutions of
-  Ziggo Dome
- Bimhuis - jazz
- Paradiso - bands and djs on smaller stages
- Melkweg - similar to Paradiso

Find out about more Dutch world hits you didn't know were Dutch on our blog entry.

So many Museum Exhibitions your nose could bleed

If you haven't heard we love our museums in Amsterdam. Winter is a great time to visit our historical and cultural institutions with out the high season crowds. We have only placed a selection below of the exhibitions we found interesting.

Hermitage Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum

Stedelijk (Contemporary Art)

Amsterdam Museum


Rembrandt House


Jewish Historical Museum

Museum of Bags and Purses

Museum Van Loon

De Appel

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St Martin's Day Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam....11 November is St Martin's Day or Sint Maarten in Dutch.. 

Children of the Netherlands light lanterns and walk the streets singing songs and collecting small gifts such as candy.

St Martins day Amsterdam 11 November

It is easy to think of St Martin's Day as the Halloween of Europe. Halloween is not a great festivel in Amsterdam. Halloween is normally celebrated by adults as a great reason to have a party, dance and drink. 

St Martin's day is for the children. Traditionally, lanterns were made of hollowed out turnip and beets. These days children make a lantern at school. School groups and family's organize parades through Amsterdam's old city. In Neighborhoods groups of children will walk through their area singing with their lanterns.

Saint Martin
15th century art of St Maarten from the Rijksmuseum

An important part of the walk is singing songs. There are traditional songs and children make up their own nonsensical rhymes. A traditional a song is: 

Sinte Maarten krikske vuur, (St. Martin, make a cherry wood fire)
Leg de pannenkoeken op het vuur. (and put the pancakes on)
We hebben al zo lang gelopen (We've been walking for so long)
Nergens gaan de deuren open (and nobody's opened their door)
Geef ons een pannekoek uit de pan. (give us a pancake hot from the pan)

Who is St Martin (Maartin)

Known as St Martin of Tours he was originally a Roman solider. He later become a monk who became famous for his kindness, living a simple life. The most famous tale is when on a cold winter's night in a snow storm he came across a beggar.  He gave the beggar his clock and saved him from certain death. St Martin is known as a friend of children and the patron of the poor.

St Martin's day also marks the beginning of Winter. The date of the 11 November represents the end of the agrarian year and beginning of harvest. Traditionally, animals are butchered and the first of the years wine is ready to drink. It is also the beginning of Advent. Advent is the Christian period of preparation for Christmas. Many Christians will fast during this period. Hence some people refer to it as St Martin's Lent.

If in Amsterdam on 11 November listen out for the voices of children.. They will be singing with their lanterns in the darkness of the early evening.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!
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Rijksmuseum looks to ban photos

When in Amsterdam the Rijksmuseum has started a new campaign. The campaign #startdrawing is encouraging people to take the time to draw what they see when visiting the museum. This is a great thing to do when you are in Amsterdam.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam things to do
photo Rijksmusem

Today museums are filled with people taking photos with their smartphone and exchanging their experiences on social media. The museum experience seems to have become superficial and fleeting battling the endless connectivity and distractions of social media.

As Wim Pijber, general director of the Rijksmuseum explains, 'In our busy lives we don't always realize how beautiful something can be. We forget how to look really closely. drawing helps because you see more when you draw. People who wan to draw are always welcome in the Rijksmusem.'

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam things to do
photo Rijksmusem
The museum is encouraging people to take the time to draw what they see. Sketching slows the visitor to take the time to perceive the detail of the art and thereby appreciate the art's beauty.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam things to do
photo Rijksmusem
You don't need to know how to draw because you are seeing things you wish to sketch. You perceive the art differently in this process, Proportions are noticed and you see closer the secret and the skill of the artist. Young children when entering the museum are given and pencil and sketchbook .

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam things to do
photo Rijksmusem
The Rijksmuseum has not banned photos by visitors but this project presents an simple activity to encourage engagement and appreciated of art in this fast and interconnected world.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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Asia in Amsterdam: a Rijksmuseum exhibition

When in Amsterdam...the Rijksmuseum has an exhibition on Asia from the 17th and 18th centuries. In 1599, expeditionary ships return from Asia to Amsterdam laden with goods. This arrival hailed the beginning of Amsterdam as a world power and the arrival of the Dutch Golden Age.

Vroom, 1599. Asia and Amsterdam.
The Return to Amsterdam of the Second Expedition to the East Indies.
Hendrik Cornelisz Vroom, 1599.

The exhibition Asia in Amsterdam: Luxury in the Golden Age demonstrates the grandeur of Amsterdam and its elite during this period.

The Dutch East India Shipping Company (VOC) filled Dutch homes with treasures from Asian settlements. Porcelain, diamonds, spices and silks. From locations such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, China, Japan and of course Indonesia. 

The influx of these new goods was overwhelming. Local artisans were influenced by these new goods. They adopted Asian techniques and styles creating works of art that today are considered icons of Dutchness. Delft Blue porcelain is the obvious example.

The volume of goods from trading merchants of the East attracted an influx of immigrants  from surrounding European countries. Knowledge and experience accumulated. Advancements were made particularly in ship building and cartography. Amsterdam became the place to go in Europe for Asian goods.

This exhibition displays imported Asian luxury goods along side local art. Demonstrating the the clear influence the Asian works had on Dutch life and art during the 17th and 18th Centuries.

What the exhibition is missing is artifacts or stories of the normal sailor, trade worker or prostitute. An acknowledgement of the vast number of people associated with this trade that did not possess these luxury items.

It is the National Museum of the Netherlands but in this time of austerity an exhibition of luxury and grandeur would have greater impact with a tale or two of those that did fully enjoy these treasures from the other side of the world.

Nonetheless, a worthwhile exhibition to visit. Our favorite pieces of the exhibition are below.

Asia in Amsterdam exhibition Rijksmuseum

Letter of safe conduct with its original box. Japan 1609.

This letter was one of four issued by the military leader of Japan (Shogun) to the most important member of the Dutch trade delegation. The Dutch were the only European country to trade with the the Japanese for almost 200 years. This relationship can be seen today with Dutch influence in the Japanese language and pieces of Van Gogh's art.

Asia in Amsterdam exhibition Rijksmuseum

Breast Ornament, c.1630 gold, diamonds, enamel.

Rough, uncut diamonds found their way to Amsterdam. Amsterdam became the center of Europe's diamond industry surpassing Antwerp. During the 17th century diamonds could only be found in Asia.

Plate, Japan, c. 1680 - 1700

This plate with the monogram of the VOC (Dutch East Indies Company) was made in Japan. Europeans knew little of the making process in the early 1600s. The process would be learned and perfected to become an icon of the country today, Delft Blue porcelain.

.Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The exhibition Asia in Amsterdam: Luxury in the Golden Age runs until January 17, 2016.

Details to plan your visit can be at the website of the Rijksmuseum

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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Arcade Japanese Style: TonTon Club in Amsterdam West

When in Amsterdam...arcades and games are popular. In Amsterdam's Westerpark (Western Park) you will find the second edition of the successful TonTon Club.

TonTon club Westergasfabriek

Established in 2013, the TonTon club was part of the revitalization of Amsterdam's Red Light District. The TonTon Club is an old fashioned 80s/90s American style arcade made new. The concept of old computer games, board games, American craft beer and hot dogs was an immediate hit.
Arcade in Amsterdam the TonTon Club. Things to do in Amsterdam.

The venture transformed what was a seedy sex paraphernalia store and peep show into a den of hip. TonTon attracted young Amsterdammers to the infamous touristy neighborhood.

Today, TonTon red light  is busy in the evenings. It provides a central location where you can meet, have a game and a drink before heading off to your next location.

Arcade Amsterdam TonTon Club. Things to do in Amsterdam.

Take 2! TonTon Japanese Style

The success of TonTon Red Light led to a quest for a second location. Space was found in the old Gas factory of Amsterdam's western industrial area that closed down in the late 1960s.

Since regeneration in the mid 1990s the former gas works has been a hub of creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit. Today it is known as the Westergasfabriek (Western Gas Factory) located in the Westerpark (Western Park) of Amsterdam.

The new location demanded a new theme and style chosen was crazy Japanese.This was a logical choice. For many decades the Japanese were the center of the global gaming industry. Japanese companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Sega are house hold brands today. They created the classic characters of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Mario Brothers and Zelda.

TonTon Japanese has the classics but also notable Japanese exports of the late 90s and early 2000s. Think Dance Dance Revolution, Pop n Music and Flip the Table. The larger space equates to more games and a commercial kitchen and bar.

Things to do in Amsterdam

The bar is a work in progress but food wise the Japanese crazy continues. Japanese/American fusion is the style. Ramen burger and Ramen and brisket are two dishes that you must sample when visiting. Although the bar is not completed at the time of writing milkshake alcoholic drinks are planned.

If you are in Amsterdam and have children or you are a child at heart visit either locations for guaranteed fun.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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November in Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam...November the weather turns and the days shorten. There are an array of activities to warm your heart and soul. Here is a list of things to do in Amsterdam in November.

November things to do in Amsterdam Museum Night Amsterdam

Museumnacht - Museum Night 
7 November 2015

One night of the year Amsterdam museums are open from 7pm until 2am. Filled with music, drinks, food and special events a great night is had by all. For a full description of this event visit our blog on the issue Museumnacht 2015

Storytelling festival Amsterdam

International Storytelling Festival 
31 October - 8 November 2015

Local and international storytellers gather in Amsterdam to share in a week long program of activities and performances. Pllek on the north side of Amsterdam is the center for this festival however performances are at different locations through the week. Visit there website for a full list of activities and ticket prices at Storytelling Festival Amsterdam.

Rooftop movie nights Amsterdam. Things to do in November in Amsterdam

Rooftop Movie Nights Swimming Pool Edition
14 November 2015

For the first time Rooftop movies takes their event to Marnixbad swimming pool. take your swimmers and enjoy food, cocktails, drinks and a movie. Movies are in English. There re only 80 tickets available so get in quick. Tickets can only be bought on line at Rooftop Movie Nights.

Sinterklaas and Black Peter, Dutch Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas
Sinterklaas and hist helpers Zwarte Pete (Black Pete)

Arrival of Sinterklaas 
15 November 2015

On the Sunday in the middle of November Saint Nicholas arrives in Amsterdam. This famous Saint whom has become Father Christmas in other countries arrives in Amsterdam in preparation for his birthday on December 5. Thousands of children and their guardians line the streets to catch candy and a gilmpse of the man. Each year 5 tonnes of candy is thrown to the children of Amsterdam on the parade through the city streets. For a full explanation of this strange Northern European Festival that yearly creates controversy visit Dutch Christmas: Racist or Family Affair?

international documentary film festival amsterdam

IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam 
18 - 29 November 2015

One of the world's leading documentary film festival is held in Amsterdam during November. Innovative documentaries that are highly topical create an internationally diverse and politically committed program. There is an English program for films in the English language or with English subtitles. The full program is announced at the end of the first week of November.

Turn on the lights Amsterdam de Bijenkorf

Turn on the Lights
19 November 2015

Each year Amsterdam's leading department store turns on their lights for the holiday season. The Bijenkorf on the Dam Square holds an entire event with fireworks and light installations on the square in a countdown to the turning on of their building's lights. The event starts at 7pm.

Amsterdam art weekend

Amsterdam Art Weekend
26-29 November 2015

A 4 day contemporary art fair. Amsterdam Art weekend brings together galleries, museums and art institutions who offer exhibitions and events. The best of the country's contemporary art scene. Activities are also co-hosted  with IDFA the international documentary film festival held at the same time in the city. For a full list of activities visit Amsterdam Art Weekend.

Amsterdam light Festival, things to do in Amsterdam November

Amsterdam Lights Festival
 28 November 2015 until 17 January 2016

Every year in the heart of Winter Amsterdam's old city is transformed into a city of light. 2015's theme is Friendship. Light exhibits of contemporary art are placed throughout the city and can be seen from land or water. For a full list of activities and the light installations visit Amsterdam Light Festival.

Meesterlijk design fair. Things to do in Amsterdam in November

27 - 29 November 2015

A 3 day event for design, applied art and food. Sounds fantastic. Meesterlijk is a design fair that celebrates Amsterdam artisans and independent craftsmen and women. The event is held in the Westergasfarbiek in the Western Park of Amsterdam. Unique handmade items will be displayed with food and music. Many items are available for sale. For more information visit Meesterlijk Design en Ambacht

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!

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